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Semstar5 Subsea Electronics Module

Semstar5 Subsea Electronics Module

Design heritage combined with subsea experience

SemStar5™ is our fifth-generation subsea electronics module for production control systems — it draws on design heritage and learning from over 25 years of subsea experience. The design includes significant obsolescence management features for electronic components, as well as ruggedization features extensively qualified over and above the requirements of ISO13628 Part 6.

Flexible communications options

    • Fiber-optic modems (up to 1Gbit/s and up to 300 km)
    • DSL modem (up to 5 Mbit/s and over 30 km)
    • RS-422 (high-speed up to 800 m)
    • Variable-speed multi-drop copper modems (9.6 to 115.2 Kbit/s)
    • Low-speed copper modem (1.2 Kbit/s)
    • Direct Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)

    Enhanced reliability features

    • Redundant DC power supply to internal modules and Ethernet for backplane and inter-bay communications
    • Single-board computer (SBC) based on 32-bit microcontroller
    • Robust internal electrical harness design
    • Fewer internal wiring interconnections
    • Simplified motherboards
    • Built-in circuit board diagnostics
    • Fault-tolerant input/output (I/O) interfaces

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