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The most technologically advanced & versatile control system

Maximize flexibility & reliability Our VetcoGray ModPod is a highly modular, Multiplexed ElectroHydraulic (mux E-H) Subsea Control Module (SCM) for treemounted or manifold-mounted applications. It is one of the most technologically advanced and versatile control system components available, providing ultra-reliable control and monitoring of subsea valves and instrumentation.

The ModPod has a proven tack record in high functionality applications

  • The highly configurable and compact design solution is capable of satisfying very specific project requirements. Application of BHGE’s Product Structuring program enables us to deliver the VetcoGray ModPod series SCMs in short cycle times with functional features tailored to your field.

    All ModPod variants share the same highly qualified key components. The compact design has a proven track record in high-functionality applications – with more than 500 units already delivered to clients or on order.

    Common features of the VetcoGray ModPod series:

    • Compact hydraulic manifold providing hydraulic connectivity for a standard, modular component fit
    • Standard footprint 770 mm x 770 mm
    • Standard height 1,350 mm • Optional integral pressure intensifier for HP functions
    • Hyperbaric testing of all manufactured units to the rated depth
    • Retrievable with ROV assisted running tool
    • Integral accumulation and hydraulic filtration
    • Includes our VetcoGray SemStar5™ series subsea electronics modules
    • Continued focus on incremental reliability improvements
    • Qualified, proprietary DCV components
    • Multiple communications options available - Fiber-optic modems - Multi-drop powerline modems - High-speed point-to-point modems
    • Direct ethernet (TCP/IP)
    • Support for flexible instrumentation suites (4-20mA, serial field bus, IWIS and SIIS interfaces)
    • Standard SCM mounting base for tree, manifold or other mounting locations

    VetcoGray ModPod

    The VetcoGray ModPod package requires minimal one-time engineering between order confirmation and integrated system factory-acceptance testing.

    • Up to 18 LP hydraulic control functions (5K psi)
    • Up to 6 HP hydraulic control functions (10K psi)
    • Depth rating: 2,000 m • Competitive lead times
    • Dual VetcoGray SemStar5 subsea electronics modules
    • Documentation to a generic standard and format
    • Standard product-conformance dossiers (manufacturer defined)
    • QA/QC/inspection to standard procedures (manufacturer defined)

    VetcoGray ModPod custom

    The Custom package is the most flexible and configurable SCM package, with many options available for functionality and specification. After factory-acceptance testing, the VetcoGray ModPod Custom package is fully integrated with the complete production control system at EFAT and site-integration tests before subsea deployment.

    • Up to 38 LP hydraulic control functions (5K psi)
    • Up to 6 HP hydraulic control functions (10K or 15K psi)
    • Depth rating: 3,000 m
    • Dual VetcoGray SemStar5 subsea electronics modules
    • Documentation available to client-specific and project- specific formats
    • Standard product-conformance dossiers (manufacturer defined) or as certified to align with client’s in-house standards
    • QA/QC/inspection to standard procedures (manufacturer defined) or as certified to align with client’s in-house standards

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