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Ultra-reliable equipment for optimal production

  • Get the most reliable equipment to monitor and control oil and gas production. Our advanced tools and smart technology applications monitor the condition of your equipment in real time, deliver critical data to make more effective decisions, and analyze historical performance to predict future operational plans. So you can achieve maximum production with less risk.

    Nothing matters more than safety. As oil and gas production moves into deeper and harsher waters, you need speed, reliability, and flexibility to adapt to the most demanding conditions. Our systems provide power and communications at high bandwidth and for long offsets. Our onsite facilities include long-offset umbilical quads, which permits product and system testing of communications systems and the development of accurate models for simulation purposes.

    Modular designs allow you to add more wells when you need them, while reducing capital and operating costs.

    We optimize production while enhancing the performance of your investment. Our solutions enable you to take proactive measures and avoid failures before they happen, allowing your operations to run more efficiently and reliably. With a broad portfolio spanning some of the most challenging subsea developments worldwide, you can count on BHGE for your life-of-field support and equipment uptime demands.

    There are many advantages when using our control systems, such as:

    • Optimized production and asset performance
    • Extended equipment life and uptime
    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced capital and operating costs
    • Minimized downtime and system failure

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