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Subsea Power

Subsea Power

Onshore and offshore power solutions for the future

BHGE provides subsea power solutions through combining the best of two worlds - onshore power solutions with extensive track records and world class subsea engineering capabilities. Building on more than 20 years of experience in developing and delivering subsea power solutions, BHGE can offer the full range of systems from simple supply solutions to full blown transmission and distribution systems. The robust and reliable subsea power solutions provided by BHGE are critical enablers that allow operators to capture the benefits of subsea processing.

Provide power across a wide range

  • BHGE’s subsea power solutions include the complete set of modules to deliver power transmission, distribution and supply: subsea switchgear, variable speed drives for pumps and compressors and uninterruptible power supplies. The units are built based on proven topside solutions with extensive track records adapted to subsea use. Gas filled, 1 atmospheric enclosures with integrated cooling ensure that the solutions are operating in a well-known environment to meet reliability requirements. BHGE’s portfolio of MECON high voltage connectors ensure efficient and safe installation of the modules, and make them separately retrievable. The MECON wetmate connectors utilize a patented two-step mating mechanism developed specifically for high voltage application to ensure full process control and system integrity.

    BHGE’s subsea power solutions can be configured to provide power to pumps and compressors across a wide range of distances and number of loads, allowing the subsea processing solutions to be placed where they add the highest yield. The longest tie-backs are enabled by the BHGE MECON portfolio of high voltage wetmate and dry mate connectors. With drymate connectors available up to 145kV, BHGE is a clear market leader in supplying power sufficient for multiple compressor loads over 100s of kilometres. The comprehensive portfolio of subsea power equipment enables subsea distribution, which let operators reduce cost through feeding power to multiple loads through a single transmission cable.

    Using subsea power solutions can has multiple advantages, such as:

    · Subsea power and processing solutions enable higher production rates and increased production volume

    · Subsea power and processing solutions enable production from fields without natural flow

    · Power modules placed in 1 atmospheric enclosures with integrated cooling for constant and well know operating environments for electronics

    · Patented mating mechanism for wetmate connectors to ensure process control and system integrity during high voltage operation

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