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Subsea Compression

Subsea Compression

Flexible technology for dry and wet gas compression

BHGE’s Blue-C™ technology is the heart of both our subsea dry-gas and wet-gas compression systems. It is a high-speed centrifugal compressor specifically designed for subsea applications, with a motor architecture that enables operation from 4 MW up to 20 MW. Our 12.5 MW Blue-C unit was qualified, along with our subsea power distribution system, in a long-term pilot at Shell’s Nyhamna facility in Norway.

No matter the step-out distance, our compression systems have subsea applications covered

  • Our compression systems combine the best technologies from the BHGE Store — condition monitoring, electrical actuators, acoustic leak detection, and control systems — all supported by robust power solutions for both short and long step-out distances.

    Our subsea compression systems have a number of benefits, such as:

    • Increased recovery rates
    • Access to stranded assets
    • Reduced impact on topside footprint and weight
    • Improved reliability and safety
    • Reduced system costs, time and risk

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