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Subsea Boosting

Subsea Boosting

Improving oil recovery through innovative solutions

The MCP is a radically new pump concept, bringing a vast range of advantages compared to conventional pump systems. The concept is based on stacking a series of integrated motor impellers that co-rotate around a static shaft. This arrangement eliminates the rotor-dynamic challenges experienced by conventional pumps, and improves reliability by eliminating the need for a mechanical seal around a rotating shaft. Each stage in the pump has its own process lubricated bearings thereby eliminating the need for a topside barrier fluid system, leading to a simplified umbilical and a significantly reduced topside footprint.

Generating subsea boosting improves cost efficiency

  • In theory, an unlimited number of stages can be stacked, and hence the pump power can be tailored to the specific need of the field, including ultra-high boost.

    Barrier fluid-less boosting greatly improves the cost efficiency of the MCP compared to conventional boosting systems. The fact that the pump is constructed by stacking a high number of identical motor/impellers can further reduce cost and improve reliability. Furthermore, for some applications, in particular brownfield applications, the MCP system can enable installation of subsea boosting in fields where such installations have not currently been feasible due to restrictions on topside space.

    • Up to 35% reduction in CAPEX
    • Simplified umbilical
    • ~50% reduction in topside space requirement
    • Flexible and efficient operation over the life of field

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