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Aptara™ Modular Compact Pump

Aptara™ Modular Compact Pump

Subsea boosting

Our Aptara™ Modular Compact Pump (MCP) is the world’s first subsea multi-phase pump without a barrier fluid system requiring less maintenance and saving cost. It is a completely integrated, all-electric boosting system that can accelerate and improve your oil recovery in both new and mature wells by adding energy to multi-phase wellstreams and by lowering wellhead pressure. 

A game-changer in subsea multi-phase boosting

  • Our Aptara™  MCP is part of the TOTEX-lite family of subsea solutions and can unlock and enable access to your assets, even under the most challenging conditions, such as long tie-backs, low-pressure reservoirs or wells with difficult flow assurance. It provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, and unlike conventional subsea multi-phase pumps, which use a high-speed motor to drive a long shaft connected to a series of impellers, the MCP has a unique architecture with integrated motor impellers that rotate around a static shaft. This eliminates potential rotodynamic issues, whereas in a conventional pump, the motor is connected to the same shaft that drives the impellers, which limits the number of stages that can be stacked.

    Our life-of-field approach to design is evident in the Aptara™  MCP’s unique features that reduce total cost of ownership. 

    Modular Compact Pump

    • 50% less footprint... topside and subsea
    • No barrier fluid system design with a less complex, lighter umbilical
    • Modular and scalable
    • Configurable over the life of field, with standard, pre-qualified 1MW building blocks

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APTARA Modular Compact Pump

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