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Get more from the seafloor

  • As we push the frontiers of ever more challenging subsea environments, our industry-leading subsea processing and power technologies unlock a world of opportunities for increased recovery and better performance. With a broad portfolio of capabilities in rotating equipment, flow assurance, subsea production, water treatment, power systems and advanced monitoring and diagnostics, we help bring the vision of underwater factories to life.

    Access our broad expertise and capabilities in subsea boosting, compression, separation, seawater treatment and injection, and high-voltage subsea power systems, to increase recovery rates, access stranded assets, and reduce overall production costs. As a global leader in subsea processing, our strong combination of technologies and expertise helps simplify system design, minimize environmental impact, and reduce life-of-field costs. All while allowing complex subsea projects to be tackled in the safest and most reliable way.

    From barrier-fluidless boosting to subsea sulphate removal, our subsea processing systems are designed to increase recovery in the most cost-effective way - all while reducing impact on topside footprint and weight.

    Subsea Power and Processing has multiple benefits, such as:

    • Increased recovery rates
    • Access to stranded assets
    • Reduced impact on topside footprint and weight
    • Improved reliability and safety
    • Reduced system costs, time and risk

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