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Subsea Isolation Valves

Subsea Isolation Valves

Advanced technology for extreme reliability

With BHGE’s subsea connection systems, you can count on extreme reliability and safety in the most demanding environments. Designed to accommodate a wide range of configuration needs, our diverless connection technology is designed with decades of experience and validated through rigorous qualification testing to perform in the harshest of environments.

Leave nothing to chance

  • SSIV's are used to facilitate high integrity subsea valves & control system equipment needed to protect oil and gas export pipelines via. typically dedicated control system. Combined with manifold technology, connection system range and control system expertise, the SSIV design will be optimized to reduce the size & weight and provide efficient installation of the system.

    Improve reliability and safety, while reducing costs and minimizing downtime. No matter your configuration needs, our range of subsea connection systems are designed to boost your efficiency in shallow, mid or deep water applications. Functional flexibility and modular versatility makes our connection systems cost-effective, reliable, and easy to upgrade in any complex subsea field. We have the widest range of fully qualified clamp connectors ranging from 4" to 42" pipe size.

    With BHGE's SSIV solution, the following are the benefits:

    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased delivery time
    • Simplified installation process
    • Enhanced performance under harsh conditions
    • Modular design with pre-qualified building blocks

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