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Riser Base

Riser Base

Reduce size and provide efficient installation

BHGE's portfolio of riser bases ensures long-term reliability & safety, with modular approach to accommodate various field requirements. BHGE’s patented mini riser base technology facilitated by ICARUS tie-in system allows for a reduction in riser base size & weight and simplified installation operations.

Riser base solutions designed for optimization

  • Riser bases are used to terminate the dynamic risers and/or umbilicals on the seabed thereby facilitating onwards connections for flowlines and umbilicals. Combined with system expertise and connection system technology, our riser base design will be optimized to reduce the size & weight and provide efficient installation of the system.

    With BHGE's riser base solution, the following are the benefits:

    • System solution provided with turnkey responsibility
    • in-house control system, tie-in connections, stab-plate connection, mechanical design and pre-qualified supply chain with valve vendors and fabrication
    • Modular design with wide range of sizes and configurations
    • Lighter modules leveraging HCCS-L connection system, FLX360 stab plate connections and UTA technology.

    Our riser bases provide the following advantages:

    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased delivery time
    • Simplified installation process
    • Enhanced performance under harsh conditions
    • Modular design with pre-qualified building blocks

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