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Pipeline End Manifolds and Terminations

Pipeline End Manifolds and Terminations

PLETs, PLEMs, and ILT Modules

BHGE's portfolio covers wide range of pipeline products and solutions such as pipeline end terminations (PLETs), Pipeline end manifolds (PLEMs) and in-line Tee (ILT) modules. Our solutions ensures long term reliability & safety, with modular approach to accommodate demanding installation constraints & in-place service requirements.

Ensure long term reliability and reduce cost

  • PLEMs are conventionally used to channel flow from multiple flowlines towards main/export pipelines. PLEMs may be directly integrated to the main pipeline or alternatively may be a separate module with infield jumpers via pipeline end terminations (PLETs).

    PLETs are conventionally termination of a pipeline with end tie-in connections and mudmats for seabed support. BHGE patented open-PLET technology provides significant simplification to PLET handling and reduced installation time.

    In-line Tees conventionally provide branching connection to a main pipeline for connecting to a tree or another flowline. BHGE in-line Tees using HCCS/HCCS-L provides significant improvement in ILT handling, installation and in-place rotational position adjustment of porch relative to the pipeline.

    BHGE portfolio of PLEM, PLET & ILT solution caters for the following:

    • Wide size range 3" upto 42" in various configurations with open-PLET technology with HCCS
    • Various configuration requirements available in both vertical & horizontal connections
    • Conventional PLETs to suit J-lay & S-lay installation methods
    • In-line Tee's with HCCS or VCCS
    • Large bore PLEMs to facilitate gas export from subsea fields

    BHGE portfolio of PLEMs, PLETs & ILT's provide the following advantages, such as:

    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased delivery time
    • Simplified installation process
    • Enhanced performance under harsh conditions
    • Modular design with pre-qualified building blocks

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