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Deepwater Manifolds

Deepwater Manifolds

Manifolds for deep & medium water fields

BHGE has extensive experience delivering deep & medium water manifolds leveraged by proven technology and our install base of more than 150 manifolds. Our solutions offers long-term reliability and safety with modular approach to adapt for various field requirements. The offerings include the products family - Deepwater Horizontal Cluster Manifold (DHCM), Deepwater Vertical Cluster Manifold (DVCM) and Mediumwater Integrated Template Solution (ITS).

Long-term reliability, and safety for the environment

  • Our manifolds are designed for long-term reliability and safety, and meet the various complexities of developments and harsh environments around the world. They are based on pre-engineered, modular building blocks that accommodate a wide variety of configuration requirements and design options — while maintaining high quality and consistency, fast deliver times, and lower overall costs.

    The portfolio covers a comprehensive range of functional flexibility and versatility for any subsea field development.

    Our proven deep and medium water manifold solutions includes:

    • Cluster manifold family of DHCM's & DVCM's
      • Oil & Gas production manifold
      • Water & Gas Injection manifold
      • Riser base manifold
      • Gas export manifold
      • Pipeline end manifold
      • Pipeline crossing and pigging manifold
    • Template manifold family of ITS
      • Drilling template with integrated protection structure
      • Template manifold with choke bridge modules

    Deepwater Manifolds have a variety of advantages including:

    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased delivery time
    • Simplified installation process
    • Enhanced performance under harsh conditions
    • Modular design with pre-qualified building blocks

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