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Aptara™ Modular Compact Manifold

Aptara™ Modular Compact Manifold

Challenging complexity with simplicity

BHGE is rethinking the future of subsea fields. We are simplifying the complex by launching the new Aptara™  family of TOTEX-lite products. The Aptara™ modular compact manifold is part of this family of light and smart subsea equipment designed to reduce the total cost of ownership over the life of your field.

Compact design with enhanced operability and reliability

  • Our Aptara™ ,modular compact manifold system has been developed to address the need for modular, pre-engineered manifolds that use off-the-shelf components, reducing cycle time cost and footprint. The new compact manifold from BHGE has been designed to challenge complexity with simplicity.

    The Aptara™ manifold design uses a 4-slot or 6-slot dual header configuration to suit your pipeline requirements and 5-inch or 7-inch branch valve blocks for its branch valve connections, with separate header piping. The manifold branch valves are identical to our Aptara lightweight compact tree system valves (e.g. 5-inch trees require 5-inch manifold branch valves), pushing the boundaries of standardization to the next level. This enables large volume purchase of components like valves and forgings, allowing us to hold the stock you need – reducing cost and lead time. 

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