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Engineered for safer, faster performance

  • In today’s increasingly harsh and complex drilling environments, you need long-term dependability to combat the most demanding conditions. Drawing on our expertise in deepwater technology, BHGE has the largest installed base of subsea gas projects in the industry, all anchored by our diverless horizontal cluster manifold (DHCM) building blocks which includes industry’s lightest horizontal clamp connection systems (HCCS-L) as well as the 42"M5 clamp—worlds largest subsea connector. So you can cut costs, schedule and simplify the installation process with our open-PLET technology—without ever compromising safety.

    Our comprehensive range of manifold systems has the functional flexibility, scalability, and versatility to adapt for various field requirements. Built with a modular design to accommodate a wide variety of configurations, our manifolds maintain the highest quality and reliability so your operations are never at risk. And with lighter manifolds and faster jumper connection process, you can boost the efficiency and reliability of any subsea application.

    Drive down operating costs, reduce risk, and speed up delivery time. Whether you’re operating in shallow, mid or deep waters, we offer a range of field-proven solutions that allow you to meet your production demands while reducing your environmental footprint. From drilling templates for jack-up rigs to structures for stand-alone wells, we deliver safer, more reliable performance in any environment.

    Subsea Manifolds & Pipelines have many advantages, such as:

    • Improved safety and reliability
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Increased delivery time
    • Simplified installation process
    • Enhanced performance under harsh conditions

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