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Subsea Clamp Connection Systems

Subsea Clamp Connection Systems

Subsea Flowline Connectors

Improve long-term reliability and safety with greater flexibility. With proven capabilities across the most extreme conditions, our subsea connection systems provide diverless links between subsea wells, manifolds, pipelines, risers, and control umbilicals.

Maximize reliability and availability

  • Our subsea connection systems are designed to accommodate a wide range of configuration needs and services, while providing a high degree of installation versatility and operational reliability. Using our well-proven metal sealing technology and suite of connection tooling systems, our portfolio allows complete flexibility for both horizontal and vertical configurations for pipe sizes up to 42”. The most recent models also harness integrated smart communications and diagnostic technologies with around-the-clock remote monitoring services to help you reduce risk. The connectors portfolio has been evolved over decades and rigorously tested to exceed the highest industry standards.

    The Horizontal Clamp Connection System (HCCS) is a robust and versatile system used for rigid spools and PLRs, whereas the Light version i.e., the HCCS-L is a compact, light weight and universal connection system best fit for flexibles, umbilicals and rigid flowlines. While in the vertical setting, Vertical Clamp Connection System (VCCS) is designed for simpler connections. Both can be used across a wide range of connection sizes.

    ICARUS is a powerful ROV-based subsea pull-in and connection system designed for the tie-in of flexible flowlines, umbilicals, and rigid pipelines. Paired with our patented Mini Riser Base technology, it helps you simplify installation and reduce riser base size and weight.

    There is no room for error in this industry. That’s why everything we do is guided by a focus on quality and reliability. All our connector products undergo rigorous qualification testing and are designed for a wide range of needs. Paired with comprehensive global support and a total-system approach, our systems are complemented by highly experienced experts and a full suite of solutions.

    Our Subsea Connection System has remarkable advantages, such as:

    • Long-term reliability and safety
    • Flexibility for horizontal and vertical configurations
    • Adapted to rigid or flexible pipes, single, dual or multibore configurations
    • Connectivity in even the most extreme conditions
    • Integrated smart communications and diagnostic technologies
    • Around-the-clock remote monitoring services
    • Up to 50 years design life
    • Simplified installation and operations

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