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Blue-C Compressor

Blue-C Compressor

As the first technology to take gas compression below the surface, Blue-C is quite literally changing the industry’s horizon.

Features and benefits

  • The industry’s first reliable, cost-effective alternative to traditional offshore platforms

    The topside facility is the single most economically challenging factor for offshore oil and gas production. To date, the obstacles have been insurmountable for marginal subsea and deepwater fields. But now, there is finally a viable subsea alternative for extracting those resources that were previously not economically recoverable. Blue-C™, the first subsea product in BHGE’s proven Integrated Compressor Line (ICL). The subsea compression module has an extremely robust design including a single-sealed housing to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures, and a simplified mechanical configuration for reliable unattended operation. It consists of a centrifugal compressor driven by a gas-filled, high-speed electric motor, stacked in a vertical orientation and packaged in a single-sealed housing designed to withstand the surrounding hydrostatic pressure.


    Technical Specifications

    Operating Pressure

    Up to 175 bar


    Up to 18,000 m3 hourly production flow


    Vertical: electric motor on top; Single shaft line (rigid coupling)

    Operating Speeds

    3,000 to 11,000 rpm

    Centrifugal Compressor

    Up to 6 stages; NACE compliant

    Electric Motor

    12.5 MW electric motor; Natural gas cooled, 6.6 kV/1.6 kA


    3 canned radial Active Magnetic Bearings; 1 canned axial Active Magnetic Bearing

    Dimensions (HxF)

    6 m x 2 m

    Weight (w/o cooler)

    55 tons


    ~ 5 years


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