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Well Access Equipment Rental

Well Access Equipment Rental

Proven In-Field Expertise

We collaborate closely with our customers to ensure the right products are available and project execution is tailored to their needs. Through rigorous equipment safety and maintenance standards, as well as the high training and experience levels of our technicians. We were recently recognised by a client for achieving HSE Goal Zero for a Light Well campaign in Australia.

Tailored equipment to fit the customer's needs

  • We provide a large fleet of well access equipment for rent, in whatever combination best fits the customer’s campaign duration, cashflow and capital/operational budgets, these include:

    • Light Well Intervention Systems (LWIS)
    • Completion Workover Risers (CWORs) - Structured Solutions for Christmas Trees in 5" & 7 “ bore sizes
    • IWOCS - Full range of IWOCS systems including Direct Hydraulic, Electro Hydraulic and Multiplexed systems for shallow, deep and ultra deep water

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