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Light Well Intervention

Light Well Intervention

Workover of wells to enhance production or abandonment

Fully integrated offering enables the client to have a single focal point on operations, whether that's in the planning, execution or post-operation evaluation. This provides critical communication and decision making path to success for both the client and BHGE.

Experience and ability to take your projects further than before

  • We collaborate closely with our customers to ensure the right products are available and project execution is tailored to their needs. Through rigorous equipment safety and maintenance standards, as well as the high training and experience levels of our technicians. We were recently recognized by a client for achieving HSE Goal Zero for a Light Well campaign in Australia.

    Our Light Well system has many advantages, such as:

    • Fully integrated Solution from reservoir, down-hole tooling through to the well access equipment in a single contract & interface
    • Experienced deep-water personnel with a proven track record in operations for riser-less packages
    • Ability to work on a vessel of opportunity to enable schedule flexibility and reduce cost

    We help resolve and assist in problematic cases, like the following:

    P&A work, Well Stimulation, E-Line/Wireline, Slickline services, Tree retrieval and change out, Wellbore Clean & Remediation, Mechanical Services

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