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SPS Repairs, Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades

SPS Repairs, Conversions, Modifications and Upgrades

Avoiding unplanned downtime is a major focus of our team

One of the main challenges faced by operators is to maximize the returns and value from a subsea asset, this being even more prevalent during extended periods of economic downturn driven by a low oil price.

Improving operational and maintenance performance

  • Helping our customers avoid unplanned downtime is a major focus of our Brownfield Solutions Team. Minimizing costs associated with remedial repair of ‘unforeseen’ equipment failures in addition to the loss of production hours will certainly have a positive impact on optimizing the economic return from an asset.

    We can perform any major activity needed during a field's life to significantly improve operational or maintenance performance. This includes enhanced recovery from existing operations, optimized production uptime through improved maintenance, new technology injections, and proactive obsolescence management strategies.

    • Field service engineers
    • Brownfield repairs,refurbishments and upgrade solutions
    • Technical support hub
    • Controls support hub
    • Equipment and tooling rental

    We perform all routine activities to support usual operating needs — with safe maintenance procedures, efficient scheduling, and repairs, overhauls and refurbishments that adhere to our rigorous OEM standards.

    • Storage, logistics, and equipment management
    • Equipment and tooling rental
    • Spares and third-party procurement
    • Repair, refurbishment and maintenance

    Our "open" approach to maintenance provides operators with a one-stop shop for all their refurbishment, modification, and recertification needs — even for non-BHGE equipment. Our global footprint of vital resources and expertise minimizes logistics costs and time for all projects.

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