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SmartCenter & Analytics

SmartCenter & Analytics

Living in the Digital World

SmartCenter can provide customers with real-time asset access and subsea field monitoring, by remotely connecting to offshore systems, linking operators with BHGE’s technical experts. On-line expert analysis transforms real-time operational data into insights for better and faster decision-making.

Providing customers instant help while keeping costs down

  • Our SmartCenter™ monitoring facility establishes remote connectivity with BHGE surface and subsea equipment so our engineers can provide customers with instant help and advice to accelerate decision-making and keep costs down.

    • Remote access to engineering specialists for remote on-demand fault diagnosis, which can proactively maximise equipment availability and reduce downtime.
    • Trend diagnostics, event prediction and recommendations for intervention and maintenance, aimed at pre-empting and reducing equipment availability issues.
    • Full scale remote monitoring and diagnostics, enabling fully informed, timely and planned maintenance and intervention activities, with the effect of eliminating unnecessary events and smoothing maintenance spend.
    • Remote delivery of software and security updates, keeping the system on the leading edge of technology and providing protection from cyber threats, ultimately reducing the risk of downtime and minimising IT integrity maintenance costs.

    Production Controls Upgrades (cross reference here), often driven by a requirement for enhanced system performance, can now include our SmartCenter™ monitoring facility which establishes remote connectivity with BHGE surface and subsea equipment, enabling remote performance monitoring, data analysis and diagnostics of installed equipment. SmartCenter™ is also an essential ‘data link’ to enable our suite of Smart Facility Applications which provide ‘expert system’ advice on system performance. Outputs from SmartCenter, such as trending of system performance, will also serve as a data input to other service offerings such as Obsolescence & Equipment Sustainability Management and Equipment Management. Parts usage rates and spares holdings are a fundamental element of these operational processes.

    SmartCenter™connectivity enables our engineers to provide customers with instant help and advice to accelerate decision-making and contain costs during initial equipment installation and during service life.

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