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OEM Agnostic, In Well and Well Access

  • BHGE Integrated Service Solutions is focused on delivery customer value across 4 main stages of the post installation phase of life.

    Intervention Work Over Controls - From installation to Decommissioning every time a subsea well is touched it needs local control, with the most technical advanced rental fleet of IWOCS systems BHGE delivery's faster deployment and configuration of IWOCS system through the deployment of the Multiwocs system that can change modes at the touch of a button, an operational saving of days over traditional methods, reducing the size and weight of valuable rig floor space though the reduction of the systems required by 50% in some cases and through product standards delivery the highest quality and repeatable delivery record.

    Production Enhancement - After installation the production profile can start the slow decline, the Production Enhancement team delivery field extension interventions to increase the Return on Investment of oil operators. In some case's single well interventions have increased production by 9,000 barrels per day from a mono hull vessel using the suite of intervention Engineering solutions provided by this specialist team. From Fluid intervention, to LWI to Heavy work over this team have a range of production enhancement solutions designed to effect a customer outcome.

    Brownfield Controls Upgrades - As fields enter the mid to late life phase of their production life cycle, often with an increased focus on extending field life, Obsolescence Management becomes an increasingly critical element in sustaining and often enhancing the performance of the Subsea Production Control System. BHGE has effectively invested to ensure this system performance is maintained, from the development and implementation of an industry leading Obsolescence Management program, through to the development of a field proven 'Product Toolbox' of configurable standard product upgrades. In addition, the implementation of Remote Monitoring, Analytics & Diagnostics, enabled through the BHGD Digital 'Smart Facilities' platform, provides additional proactive support and confidence in sustaining system performance. Brownfield Solutions to extend production life beyond 10 years have been successfully delivered and implemented.

    Decommissioning - As the life of a field draws to a close the Decomm team can support and delivery fixed outcomes to enable operators to allocate balance sheet exposure away from decommissioning and onto new exploration. From 1 well to a portfolio of wells across multi operators the decomm team can delivery significant cost out of decommissioning programs, whilst reducing the risk and potentially looking at life extension to fund decommissioning to mitigate the financial burden.

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