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Tensioner Systems

Tensioner Systems

Optimized designs to meet customer requirements

BHGE offers a wide range of tensioner systems, from conventional pull-up tensioners typically seen on TLPs to the long-stroke, in-line Ram tensioners traditionally used on Spars. We optimize our designs on a project-by-project basis to ensure customer requirements are met with the most compact, cost-effective solution.


Tensioner Styles

  • Conventional TLP tensioners

    • Compensates for angular offset between vessel and riser
    • Compact systems good for shorter strokes to save on deck spacing
    • Cylinders replaceable during operation
    • Cassette frame can be configured for lower centralizer during drilling operations
    • Large opening through cassette frame for passing tieback connectors
    • Composite accumulator bottle for weight savings up to 80% over alternative designs

    Ram-style tensioners

    • All operations above lower deck
    • Full piston area used to develop tension, resulting in higher capacities
    • 80% reduction in fluid volume, leaving more volume for gas, resulting in low stiffness systems
    • All components, including accumulators (if needed), can be mounted in a single well bay
    • High-pressure seals are all internal; seals that interface with exposed seal surfaces are for low pressure annulus containment only
    • In-line Ram system internally reacts bending moments if a cylinder loses pressure
    • Allows for use of short, un-tapered tension joint

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