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Riser Systems

Riser Systems

Providing exceptional fatigue resistance

BHGE’s proven riser designs provide exceptional fatigue resistance in both drilling and production applications. Our systems include single-barrier and dual-barrier options, all joints and connectors, tensioner and guidance systems, and surface drilling wellhead systems.

Drilling riser connection styles

  • HMF flanged connection for service life up to 20 years
  • RMU (Rapid Make-Up) connection
  • Replaceable metal seal, threaded connection

Production riser connection styles

  • Premium weld-on threaded connection for multiple make-break cycles exceeding ISO 13679
  • Can interface with T&C riser

A wide range of riser options are available for both drilling and production risers, including buoyancy modules, strakes, fairings, cathodic protection, etc. We also provide a full complement of handling, test, and operational equipment for our drilling and production risers — including spiders, lifting tools, handling tools, test tools, shipping baskets, and storage tools.

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