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SPIRE Inspection and Monitoring Technology

SPIRE Inspection and Monitoring Technology

Eliminating the maintenance burden

The SPIRE monitoring and inspection technology provides a unique solution to the challenge of managing the key integrity issue with flexible pipe - outer sheath breeches and their consequences, overcoming the drawbacks of alternative strategies that require either costly and complex additional ancillary equipment topsides or the use of specialist contractors to carry out periodic offshore measurements.In its simplest form the SPIRE system entails the incorporation of a sensor element within the pipe and a bespoke connection fitting located at the top termination There is no other topsides equipment.

Technology that offers a simple and cost effective solution to pipe integrity management

  • The SPIRE system contains 3 hardware components: an in-pipe sensor (Flexsensor) incorporated as part of the pipe construction in the tensile armour wire layer, a connection at the top termination (Smart bolt) and either a control room module (for monitoring) or portable measurement instrument (for inspection).

    As a monitor system the equipment includes a stand-alone piece of equipment housed in an industry standard enclosure designed to be placed in a control-room environment. Connection is made from the SPIRE system to the riser using a single cable to the Smart Bolt located in the top termination.

    In inspection mode the system consists of the same technology as the monitor system with the only difference being that the electronics are housed within a portable, ruggedised instrument, which is connected to a riser at the Smart Bolt interface as required. Minimal training is required for its operation. A complete riser test takes an elapsed time of 10-15 minutes.

    This in-pipe-integrity technology offers a simple and cost effective solution to the management of pipe outer sheath integrity.

    Outer sheath breaches and subsequent annulus flooding represent the most significant concern in the management of flexible pipe. They are of particular importance in the splash zone region where exposure of the load bearing armour wires to seawater in an oxygenated environment can pose an on-going integrity threat. The SPIRE in-pipe-integrity technology offers a simple and cost effective solution to the management of these critical integrity issues.

    The SPIRE inspection and monitoring technology has a variety of advantages including:

    • detects the presence of annular water resulting either from an outer sheath breach or from permeation through the pressure barrier
    • detects the location of an outer sheath breach
    • provides reliability through a multi-mode approach, not reliant on the detection and interpretation of a transient response
    • minimizes the operator burden with no ancillaries or complex topsides equipment; no need for specialist contractor effort to be deployed offshore
    • simplifies data management providing real time information on sheath breach, time and location of breach, and location of annular water
    • can be deployed as an inspection service or a monitoring system

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