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Riser Healthcare as a service

An OEM offer from BHGE aim at maximizing of installed flexible pipe assets based on 3 key themes: differentiated engineering services, sensor technology providing in-pipe-integrity and a cloud based digital platform for the management of in-service data.

Aligned to complement the operator’s own integrity management processes

  • Flexible pipe has an established track record and in many cases its unique characteristics provide an enabling capability for many offshore developments. However, a record of good performance does not detract from the need to have a proactive programme to oversee the integrity management of flexible pipe systems. As with rigid pipelines they comprise part of the pressure envelope and are subject to the same operator, HSE and regulatory obligations. For flexible pipe a key issue is that conventional approaches to integrity management may prove ineffective, due to challenges posed by the complexity of its multi-layer construction. BHGE, as a premium supplier of flexible pipe products, has acknowledged and addressed the needs of operators in this respect through the offer of a comprehensive package of products and services. These services not only allow for the assurance of on-going integrity, but also provide the essential information necessary to answer questions related to remnant life, changing operating conditions, service upsets and lifetime extension.

    There are multiple benefits when using our data analysis system, such as:

    • Holistic approach: the safe, reliable and cost effective operation of flexible pipe throughout the full product life cycle
    • Outcome focussed, not driven by a man-hour mentality
    • Flexibility to complement the operator’s own internal integrity management infrastructure
    • Access to the original design detail and methodology Innovative In-Pipe-Integrity technology
    • Availability of a library of validated analysis methods, and materials & product test data
    • Judgements in fitness for service based on direct experience of 30+ years in the flexible pipe industry
    • A bespoke, subscription based offer tailored to meet the needs of specific installations

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