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MAPS Inspection and Monitoring Technology

MAPS Inspection and Monitoring Technology

Protecting flexible risers

MAPS® is the industry's premium technology for the management of flexible risers. It has a unique capability to assess the integrity of the primary load bearing elements within the pipe design - the steel armour wires. Available as an inspection service or an installed monitoring system. It can be applied topsides or subsea, retrofitted on installed pipe or part of a new development, and to flexible risers from all manufacturers.

Taking the integrity assessment of flexible pipes to a new level

  • Conventional techniques for inspection and monitoring of flexible pipe are ineffective with the complexity of the structure of flexible pipe. In addition, the critical pipe locations are often difficult to reach either due to being subsea or to the presence of ancillary equipment making areas of integrity threat inaccessible. The underlying MAPS technology - a non–destructive, non contacting technique for the measurement of stress in steel materials - overcomes these challenges through the concept of 'reach'.

    Reach is the ability to sense the effect of a wire defect, such as a break, many metres from the actual damage site, unlike conventional inspection technologies, which require the exact location of the defect to be known and to be positioned over the area. This is of particular advantage in assessing integrity in and near the splash zone and up to the top termination where there may be no access to the pipe.

    Our inspection and monitoring technologies have multiple benefits, such as:

    • Provision of integrity assurance of key elements in the flexible pipe design
    • Contribution to life extension initiatives
    • Management of end of life scenarios
    • Confirmation of fitness for service for service of damaged pipe and demonstration of performance of repairs
    • Provision of data to allow continued operation in response to changing service conditions
    • ‘Reach’, the ability to sense the effect of a wire break many meters (+/- 15 m) from the actual damage site
    • Deployable topsides, or subsea using divers, or an by ROV
    • Validated. through being a part of the BHGE, flexible pipe qualification programme
    • Versatility; applicable to flexible risers from all manufacturers
    • Discriminating; providing integrity information wire-by-wire and layer by layer

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