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Dynamic Flexible Pipes

Dynamic Flexible Pipes

Conventional and Composites

Dynamic Flexible pipes are engineered to suit applications, where movement of the pipe is expected.

  • Movement of one end of the pipe, both ends of the pipe, or movement of the pipe itself due to environmental conditions. Including "Riser" applications; that connect seabed structures like BOPs to surface structures like FPSOs.

    Our composite dynamic pipes further enhance the benefits for our customers by reducing the total cost of ownership for the deeper, or highly sour applications while relying on the same connection (end-fittings) that have been proven over the last 20+ years of service.


    • Highly dynamic environments, from the surface down to 3000m water depth
    • High sour environments
    • Fast deployment minimizing total cost of ownership
    • Pressure tested before shipment to ensure the integrity of your solution
    • Integrates with existing architecture and rigid risers

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