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Versatile solutions for superior pipeline performance

  • Increase production and asset integrity while reducing the total cost of your pipeline system, combining in-depth experience in pipe design, manufacturing and installation with a wide portfolio of flexible risers and flowlines, BHGE’s Flexible Pipe Systems enable reliable and efficient subsea and offshore field development.

    Lighter than conventional flexibles, our innovative Composite flexible pipe allows for a significant reduction in riser weight and system complexity, allowing you to go into deeper waters while helping you to lower installation costs, OPEX and operational risk.

    As offshore and subsea developments move into deeper waters and more challenging environments you need to be confident in the durability of your equipment. BHGE’s flexible pipe solutions are designed to ensure reliable connections and optimal flow, even under high pressures, extreme temperatures, and the most corrosive conditions. With our unique software capabilities you can accurately assess the structural integrity of your flexible pipe during operation, allowing you to proactively detect defects or capacity degradation and extend asset life.

    Our flexible pipe systems have many advantages, such as:

    • Boost production in all water depths.
    • Improve reliability, flexibility and adaptability.
    • Reduce downtime and environmental risk.
    • Optimize safety across your operations.
    • Extend life of equipment.

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