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Reliable equipment for enhanced drilling operations

  • Improve reliability, efficiency, and versatility in any environment. Designed for robust performance, our subsea wellheads and specialty connectors are integrated systems that enhance drilling operations at all stages of exploration and production. And with over a half century of field-proven experience, you can count on BHGE’s industry-leading systems to meet the challenge of increasingly demanding conditions—no matter how far or deep you go.

    Corrosion can severely impact the performance, safety, and profit of your wellheads. Our Metal Sealing (MS) technology prevents heat and corrosive fluids from damaging seal integrity, making it more durable and reliable to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. Combined with our specialty connectors that offer advanced metal-to-metal protection, we provide field-proven systems that ensure faster, easier, and safer operations.

    Our wellheads and connectors have a many advantages, such as:

    • Improve reliability, safety and efficiency of your operations
    • Avoid corrosion and heat damage
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Increase speed and flexibility under harsh conditions
    • Minimize risk and downtime

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