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Long term benefits

  • No two projects or customers are alike, so at BHGE we listen and adapt. Every project has a unique set of challenges, be them location, infrastructure, depth, reservoir conditions or field economics. Similarly, every customer has a unique set of requirements formed from their size, ambitions, resources, finances, culture, portfolio and past experiences.

    The first step for BHGE on any subsea project is therefore to work in close collaboration with our customers to understand the key divers for project success and explore how best to tailor our approach to maximize the value we can offer.

    Working with BHGE on subsea projects provides more than just a capable supplier - it provides a committed and trusted partner. We prioritise the long-term benefits of collective project success over any opportunities for short-term individual gains. BHGE has the breadth of technical capabilities, portfolio of industry-leading technologies and appetite for commercial innovation to unlock the potential of the most challenging subsea stranded assets and harsh environments.

    We bring industry-leading, robust and reliable technologies, the best in engineering and project execution experience, and combine them with commercial innovation to unlock the full potential of every subsea project we undertake. We pro-actively engage with customers, partners and suppliers at every stage and forge long-term partnerships built on respect, collaboration and trust. We believe in aligning ourselves with shared vision and commitment to successful project outcomes and continue to seek opportunities to reduce risk and increase value to all stakeholders through Life of Field cycle from design through to decommissioning.

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