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Achieve safe and reliable operation in deeper waters

  • Having been a pioneer the development and installation of equipment for floating productions systems since 1984, BHGE's unique experience includes a large global installed base and over 50 patented technologies.

    BHGE provides the entire suite of drilling and production equipment, as well as tendon mooring solutions. Our products enable safe and reliable operation in deeper waters, increased operability, and longer service life. Advanced designs and materials withstand extreme pressures, more extreme loading, torque and other mechanical stresses — thus ensuring strong seals and resistance to highly corrosive product mixtures.

    Minimize operational and environmental risk. Our proven designs provide exceptional fatigue resistance in both drilling and production applications, ensuring strong seals and resistance to more extreme loading and torque, helping you avoid unplanned maintenance and extend asset lifetime. Leveraging decades of experience BHGE continues to pioneer industry-leading technologies designed to keep your offshore oil and gas production running at full capacity—no matter how harsh the elements.

    Our floating production systems offer multiple advantages, such as:

    • Enhance reliability across operations
    • Boost production of offshore oil and gas fields
    • Reduce environmental risk and downtime
    • Increase speed, and safety
    • Extend the life of your equipment

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