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Reliable cryogenic service with ultra-high energy efficiency

Delivering reliable cryogenic service with ultra-high energy efficiency in virtually any oil and gas application.

Advance designs optimized for performance

  • Robust materials and advanced designs that result in smaller footprints and higher performance for the most demanding applications.

    BHGE turboexpander-compressors are used industry-wide for reliable refrigeration service and high plant energy efficiency. We provide the frame sizes, capacities, footprints and weights to match virtually any application. With over 60 years of experience, our global installed base includes the industry’s first turboexpander-compressor used for GTL, first NACE-compliant active magnetic bearings (AMB), and first AMB installed on an FPSO.

    Our latest advances include more compact liquefaction solutions for Floating LNG, better condensate removal for LPG and NGL, tail gas and fuel gas solutions that increase ethylene plant efficiency, and improved moisture removal for dew point control.

    Key design features include AMBs that are fully NACE compliant for sour-gas service; expander casings that are CFD-optimized for minimal flow distortions, with special zero-leakage solutions available for sour and toxic gases; a nozzle assembly that’s mechanically designed to withstand liquid droplets and solid particles; and expander wheels milled from single-piece aluminum, titanium alloy or stainless steel for light weight and exceptional rotor-dynamic stability.


    Customized Performance Improvements

    Turboexpander uprating can achieve a variety of plant performance improvements — including production increases up to 50%, better compliance with environmental regulations, and higher reliability and availability by enabling the use of advanced new remote monitoring and automated control technologies. We begin every upgrade project by analyzing plant characteristics and evaluating the existing turboexpander’s performance against current and proposed process conditions. These results allow us to fine-tune a design to meet our customer's performance objectives.

    Value Packages

    In addition to the custom engineered upgrades described above, we also provide a number of standardized service packages that improve performance, availability and reliability:

    • Upgrade to active magnetic bearing system
    • Upgrade controls and auxiliary systems to current standards including remote monitoring and diagnostics
    • Upgrade turboexpander controls including inlet guide vanes, thrust balance system and condition monitoring
    • Upgrade process seal to dry gas seal
    • Upgrade driven equipment (compressor, generator, dynamometer) to match the upgraded expander

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