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Types of Gas Turbines

  • A portfolio of products well-known for their fuel flexibility, maintenance ease, high reliability and availability in a wide range of mechanical drive and power generation applications.


    This single-shaft turbine is a compact, heavy-duty prime mover designed for long life and ease of operation and maintenance. The three main features of its simple design are a 17-stage, axial compressor; combustion system with 10 chambers capable of burning a wide range of fuels (DLN also available); and a two-stage turbine with high-energy stage design (the first-stage nozzles are cooled by the axial compressor discharge air).

    The MS5001PA is the ideal solution for power generation where low maintenance, reliability and fuel economy are required. Low operating and investment costs make the MS5001PA packaged power plant an economically attractive system for load generation. The turbine is also ideally suited for cogeneration, achieving a very high fuel utilization index and considerable fuel savings. Typical applications include industrial plants for cogeneration of power and process steam or district heating systems.

    MS5002 C & D

    The MS5002 was introduced in the 1970s and has been updated and up-rated over the years to meet the industry’s increasing output requirements. The fleet continues to demonstrate ease of operation and very high reliability and availability. It is a two-shaft, heavy-duty gas turbine designed for high operating efficiency over a wide range of speed and load conditions. This turbine is designed for mechanical drive applications such as gas boosting, gas injection/re-injection, pipelines, LNG plants and gas storage. It has a broad operating speed range to meet the requirements of the most common driven equipment (centrifugal compressors and pumps) as well as the ability to burn a large variety of gas and liquid fuels.

    With simple and robust designs, complete maintenance can be performed on site without the need for specialized tooling or service shop assistance. The high-pressure shaft has a 16-stage (17 for MS5002D), axial-flow compressor and a single-stage, high-energy turbine. First-stage nozzles are air cooled and second-stage nozzles are variable angle type. The low-pressure shaft is a single-stage, high-energy turbine. Twelve combustion chambers are contained within a single wrapper, a wide range of gaseous and liquid fuels can be burned, and a DLN combustion system is also available. A centralized lube oil system supplies clean, cooled, pressurized oil to lubricate the gas turbine and the driven equipment including the oil required for any compressor seals.


    This dual-shaft turbine has proven capabilities in power generation and mechanical drive applications, delivering high efficiency, low environmental impact, and high reliability. It uses our state-of-the-art DLN2.5H combustion technology with over 14 million firing hours in BHGE’s F/FA frame gas turbine class, but with firing temperature about 100°C lower to maximize hot parts life. Superior efficiency is achieved through optimized airfoils for both axial compressor and turbine sections, clearances, leakages and the distribution of cooling flows. The MS5002E has the lowest environmental impact in its class: its NOx level is 15 ppm and it reduces CO2 emissions by more than 20,000 tons per year, compared to the MS5002 C and D or MS5001.

    MS6001B, MS7001EA, & MS9001E

    These turbines are fuel-flexible, and can operate on natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), distillate and treated residual oil in a variety of applications including: mechanical drive for large compressor trains; simple cycle and combined cycle; base load and peaking power generation; industrial and cogeneration. They all feature a 17-stage compressor with stacked disk design, reverse flow combustion system, three-stage turbine with air-cooled 1st and 2nd stage nozzles and buckets, and two or three bearing rotor supports.

    The MS6001B is a single-shaft, heavy-duty gas turbine which has a high-efficiency axial compressor and a combustor with 10 chambers, each with individual fuel nozzles. The machine has a three-stage impulse turbine with air-cooled buckets and stationary nozzles on the first two stages to achieve higher firing temperatures and higher efficiency without compromising hot section component life.

    The MS7001EA is a highly reliable, mid-size packaged power plant for 60 Hz applications. With nearly 1000 units installed worldwide, the 7EA provides proven energy efficiency, availability, performance and maintainability. The simple design lends itself to flexibility in plant layout and easy, low-cost addition of power augmentation when phased capacity expansion is needed. It is ideal for plants that require high efficiency along with shaft speed for direct coupling to the generator.

    The MS9001E is a single-shaft, heavy-duty gas turbine developed for generator drive service in the 50 Hz market. Its efficiency is approx 33% in simple cycle and over 50% in combined cycle. The MS9001 is designed to burn a variety of liquid and gaseous fuels.

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