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BHGE's Expanders portfolio

  • BHGE’s expanders portfolio includes turbo-expander compressors and generators, and hot gas expanders—all with proven operating experience in the most demanding applications, and extreme operating conditions worldwide. With robust materials and advanced designs,  our engineering teams focus on high efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements.

    Our turboexpander-compressors provide reliable refrigeration service and high plant energy efficiency. After  more than 60 years, our global installed base includes many industry milestones such as the first unit for GTL, first NACE-compliant active magnetic bearings (AMB), and first AMB installed on an FPSO.

    Our turboexpander-generator fleet has a proven record of delivering higher power levels, performing at extreme operating temperatures, and achieving greater pressure ratios. Their success is a result of our continuous improvement in areas such as rotor and bearing design, efficiency optimization and control systems.

    Our hot gas expanders are known for delivering the most value from process waste gas by recovering considerable energy from both heat and pressure sources. Some of our latest advances include new levels of corrosion and erosion resistance, and improved alignment with other refinery equipment.

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