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DDHF Centrifugal Pumps

DDHF Centrifugal Pumps

Proven centrifugal pump solutions for your applications

In upstream oil and gas applications, there are technical challenges for pump OEMs: materials, pressure, flow rate, installation, integration and general constraints. BHGE offers proven solutions to meet those challenges, our BB3 pump for water re-injection, and BB5 pumping for treated seawater re-injection.

Optimized design solutions

  • The BB5-type, barrel-multi-stage, double-casing, centrifugal pumps are designed according to the API 610 standard for high-pressure service — and are fully compliant with the most stringent NOC and IOC specifications.

    In the downstream segment, BHGE offers the DDHF pumps for heavy duty refinery and petrochemical applications. DDHF pumps are specifically designed to handle high pressures, elevated temperatures and fluids with low specific gravity, delivering exceptional performance in extreme environments where pressures could reach 500 bar and temperatures may hit 450°C. The design is based on the double casing BB5 pump design and complies with API 610. The design features include an internal volute casing and a back-to-back impeller configuration, simplifying maintenance, reducing downtime and guaranteeing pump reliability. These pumps are widely used in refinery and petrochemical applications such as hydrocracking processes, reactor feeds, ammonia and urea, as well as boiler feed service.

    With more than 60 years of design experience and more than 1,000 units installed across the globe, BHGE DDHF pumps were created specifically to handle high pressures, elevated temperatures, and fluids with low specific gravity. The design – engineered for 20 years of equipment life, delivers exceptional performance in extreme environments, where pressures could reach 670 bar and temperatures may hit 450°C. This includes the most demanding types of service, such as reactor charge, water and CO2 injection, and boiler feed applications.

    DDHF pumps are extremely efficient, and provide low net positive suction head (NPSH) — close to the maximum theoretical threshold — thanks to the optimized hydraulic design. Key design features include an internal volute casing and back-to-back impellers, a configuration that guarantees very high pump reliability and minimized maintenance lead time. The package also includes customization options to drive project-specific value based on customer-defined performance specifications.

    For more than 50 years, we have manufactured a wide range of API 610/ISO13709-compliant centrifugal pumps for hydrocarbon processing, refineries, water injection and pipeline services, with almost 20,000 pump units installed worldwide. In the last 20 years, by leveraging our vast experience with R&P pumps and the research and design practices applied to high-pressure sour gas centrifugal compressors, we have executed centrifugal pump projects in upstream applications whose complexity was particularly related to the adoption of special materials like superduplex/nickel alloys, discharge pressure beyond 500 bar, and a composite balance of plant integration.

    Our centrifugal pumps have a variety of advantages including:

    • Decades of proven experience in upstream and downstream
    • API certification
    • Exceptional performance in extreme conditions
    • Thousands of pumps installed around the world

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