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High-Speed Reciprocating (HSR) Compressor Portfolio

High-Speed Reciprocating (HSR) Compressor Portfolio

Flexibility and Reliability

BHGE’s field-proven portfolio of high-speed reciprocating (HSR) compressors delivers maximum flexibility and minimal cost in all types of gas compression applications. Modular designs allow frames and cylinders to be easily reconfigured.

World-class compressors supported by worldwide service capabilities

  • The full line of API 11P high-speed reciprocating (HSR) compressors provide Economic, Flexible and Reliable solutions to meet your gas compression needs. Our products range from 60 HP (45 kW) to 9,000 HP (6,714 kW), with a variety of piston rod load capacities and frame stroke combinations.

    Over 15,000 of our compressors can be found around the globe, working in fuel gas boosting, gas lift, CNG fueling, reinjection, gas gathering and vapor recovery applications - operating 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

    Our compressors are designed to be directly connected to reciprocating natural gas engines (720 to 1,800 rpm) and electric motors (750 to 1,800 rpm). A variety of compressor frame strokes allow the compressor to be perfectly matched to the optimum driver.

    To address the challenges that our industry is facing, we added a couple-free high-speed, low vibration CFA compressor, which assists customers cut capital and operating costs.

    In today’s market, customers want wider operating ranges for their equipment. The BHGE compressor provides this through reduced degrees of rod reversal and improved crankpin and bearing designs. This compressor will be the most flexible in its horsepower and rod load segment. It will also be the most comprehensive digitally enabled compressor in the market leveraging the power of BHGE and the Industrial Internet. It's also easier to service, the compressor has been equipped with multiple sensors to track oil chemistry, bearing temperature and crosshead vibration to enable asset performance monitoring as well as condition-based maintenance and early issue detection.

    Our experts can be quickly mobilized to deliver the highest quality of service whenever you need it, anywhere in the world.


    Our services team delivers total aftermarket support for reciprocating compression and power equipment - from parts to machine shops, engineering to field support, for any make or model- all from one convenient and very attentive source. We are a dedicated services team that exists to help customers keep their reciprocating and power equipment running efficiently, reliably, and above all, profitably. Our broad network of worldwide aftermarket facilities consolidates parts sales and exchange, service, repair, remanufacturing and asset management under one name. Our goal is to give you a competitive edge by delivering compression and power products, services and technical support through a single, efficient source. BHGE combines the technology, resources, and technical expertise to help identify your needs and provide the most appropriate solution - regardless of your equipment’s make or model.

    Services we provide include:

    • Field Services
    • Replacement Parts & Exchange
    • Reconditioning/Retrofits/Upgrades
    • Repair & Unit Exchange
    • Engineering & New Product Innovation

    Digital Solutions

    Reduce overall operating expenses, avoid unplanned downtime, and allocate resources more efficiently with BHGE’s gas compression Asset Performance Management (APM) system. This tool provides a comprehensive and accurate view of your gas compression assets (engines, compressors, and balance of plant equipment) by connecting your equipment to the Industrial Internet.

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