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For all major compression applications

  • We design, manufacture, and service a complete range of centrifugal, axial and reciprocating compressors for all major compression applications. Our solutions are market leading, and our technical achievements include:

    • The first high-pressure compressors for ammonia and urea plants
    • The most powerful compressors for offshore applications (over 30,000 HP)
    • Re-injection compressors with delivery pressures as high as 10,000 psi (700 bar)

    We meet specific customer requirements by configuring each compressor using advanced technology components proven over a wide range of process conditions. This approach delivers reliable, high-performance compressors for a range of applications. Our highly skilled staff of local engineers and technicians provide on-site technical support for installation, commissioning, overhaul, repair, and maintenance of our equipment.

    Extensive research and development, advanced design procedures, modern manufacturing techniques and first-hand on-site experience in compressor operation are behind the success achieved by our compressors.

    Our compressor technology is used in oil and gas production, gas liquefaction and transportation, refinery and petrochemical, air compression, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes.

    We continually invest to improve compression technologies to meet our customers’ needs. Our extensive research and development, advanced design capabilities, modern manufacturing techniques and extensive operating data from installations in every corner of the industry.

    Our compressors include a number of advantages including: 

    • Proven technology in a range of oil & gas applications
    • Full range of centrifugal, axial and reciprocating compressors
    • More than [how man] compressors in service today
    • Global network of expert field engineers

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