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Meeting US federal emission regulations without additional control systems

  • Reliable and continuous service from a proven, sturdy engine

    Pumping units require smooth, continuous, stable power to reduce shock to the rod string. Ajax™ E-565 engines have supplied such power in adverse climates and under continuous load in oil fields all over the world. Capable of operating on a wide range of field gas (including both high and low BTU), the E-565 engine is a simple, reliable solution for continuous oilfield operation.

    Ajax™ engines have been manufactured in the US longer than any other reciprocating compressor engine, with continuous innovations and advancements in technologies over the years.The Ajax™ E-565 engine is designed with the high-quality standards that our customers expect. The standard weatherproof Altronic ignition is gear-driven from the layshaft, and the single-plate clutch power takeoff provides extended service life. The Ajax™ E-565 lubrication system is mechanically force-fed to the cylinder wall and splashed to the crankshaft, gears and crosshead, reducing required maintenance and providing low cost over the life of the engine.

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