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Tight Oil EOR

Tight Oil EOR

Conventional Logic. Unconventional Space.

Your next generation solution in Tight Oil EOR

Tight Oil EOR is an innovative system capable of fully integrating into existing infrastructure to capture stranded or low-value gases and inject them into unconventional reservoirs for enhanced recovery.

Developed locally at BHGE’s Energy Innovation Centre of North America (EIC), Tight Oil EOR introduces a bespoke system and service offering, which has been demonstrated to improve estimated ultimate recovery.


  • BHGE’s offering, optimized through consultation and collaboration with multiple partners, allows customized designs to be developed specifically for the target formation and well in mind.

    The dedicated Tight Oil EOR team will be deployed to assist customers by exploring optimal injection & production schemes, as well as compression capacity and the design of surface infrastructure.

    With Tight Oil EOR, customers can have confidence in the availability of tailored re-completion solutions, pilot deployment and commercial upscaling.

    Additional Benefits

    ·Integrated Services

    ·Multiple engagement options available

    ·Offering comprising hardware, analytics and services

    ·Bespoke design, development & deployment

    ·Benefit from Fullstream support

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