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Sorb Solid Specialty Chemicals

Sorb Solid Specialty Chemicals

Increase production, reduce NPT by inhibiting downhole deposition or tubular damage

  • The patented BHGE Sorb™ solid inhibitors prevents downhole deposition and tubular damage, resulting in enhanced flow assurance that increases production with less NPT. Sorb chemicals inhibit scale, paraffin, asphaltenes, and salt; they counteract bacteria and corrosion. In multistage completions, Sorb specialty chemicals prevent problems from a traditional intervention standpoint.

    Solid chemicals—pumped with proppant in a stimulation treatment—become integral to the propped fracture. Desorption is slow; residuals of Sorb chemicals have been measured in production fluids at effective levels more than five years after the fracture. 

    The BHGE MultiSorb™ technology allows us to combine two or more Sorb chemical products to solve multiple problems simultaneously.

    This approach is much better than conventional chemical treatment methods, such as a squeeze, continuous injection, or batch treatment with liquid chemicals. This also is more effective than pumping liquid inhibitors with a stimulation treatment.

    CBM operator increases production by eliminating scale

    Because Appalachia’s coalbed methane fields are remote and marginally economic even after stimulation, an operator asked us for our recommendations when one well need a refrac. Traditional inhibitor squeezes and batch injections stretched this operator’s project economics.

    We recommended the BHGE ScaleSorb™ inhibitor that we blended in the stimulation fluid with the proppant.

    More than four years after we pumped the frac, the operator reported the well had zero scale-related production problems. The well’s produced water still contained enough residual inhibitor to protect against scale deposition. The operator now routinely includes ScaleSorb inhibitor in all fracture stimulation designs.


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