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H2prO SR Water Management Service

H2prO SR Water Management Service

Filter solids from surface water with mobile solutions

The H2prO™ SR water management service uses a mobile system with proven filtration technology to remove suspended solids from produced and flowback water. It returns up to 99.9% of the water for reuse in hydraulic fracturing and other oilfield operations. The cost-effective, easy-to-use system generates treated water that will not damage the reservoir. So, you can conserve fresh water, reduce transportation and disposal costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

H2prO SR filtration suitable for nearly any wellsite

  • The H2prO SR filtration process prevents solids from causing damage at the reservoir face. This allows a well to produce to its full potential over the life of the asset. The process removes particles that, left untreated, could invade the formation or the proppant pack and close off the pore throats.

    The mobility of the H2prO SR service offers a more flexible, economic solution than permanently installed equipment, which may not be ideal for every application. Each H2prO SR filtration unit can treat up to 10,000 BWPD (1192 m3/d water) and is simple to set up. It has a low energy consumption rate, which lowers overall operating expenses. Each unit has a small footprint, making it suitable for nearly any wellsite. And, it requires no special permits to transport so the units can be deployed quickly to meet your time schedule.

    We offer an integrated suite of proven surface and subsurface technologies to solve your specific water management challenges.

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