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H2prO HD Well Chemical Service

H2prO HD Well Chemical Service

Neutralize H2S and microorganisms in surface water

The H2prO HD well chemical service uses environmentally preferred chemistry to treat produced and flowback water in tanks, reserve pits, impoundments, and ponds. This is achieved with a smaller environmental footprint, and with lower power costs and manpower needs than with alternative solutions. Based on proven chlorine dioxide (ClO2) technology, our H2prO HD service neutralizes microorganisms, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), iron sulfide, phenols, mercaptans, and polymers in the surface water.

Protect equipment and the reservoir

  • With these substances neutralized, the water can be reused for downhole operations with no threat of corrosion and equipment plugging. It can also be reused without reservoir damage or health, safety, and environmental concerns posed by the presence of H2S. The H2prO HD service quickly breaks down the emulsions and sludges that often form in surface water through chemical oxidation. This allows the water to separate from residual hydrocarbons, chemicals, and particulates. The treatment is also a powerful biocide that neutralizes all forms of microbes in the water.

    Following an H2prO HD treatment, the surface water can be reused with no negative impact to the producing formation or to downhole equipment. Plus, ClO2-based applications are more effective than chlorine bleach and other methods at lower doses.

    Speed up treatment while also improving safety

    ClO2 is generated onsite via a mobile or permanently mounted generator, using three common liquid precursors—sodium hypochlorite, hydrochloric acid, and sodium chlorite. The automated system has inline monitoring and built-in features for added safety and reliability. Its vacuum-based generator ensures that ClO2 is generated in water only while the generator is running. If power is lost, then nothing is generated. Additionally, ClO2 is limited to less than 3,000 ppm.

    The H2prO HD service has a fast chemical reaction time, concentrated solutions, and high ClO2 generation rates. A single, mobile H2prO HD unit treats up to 200,000 BWPD (23848 m3/d water) and can be set up very quickly—often in just one hour.

    Reduce environmental impact

    The H2prO HD service also reduces the environmental impact of oilfield operations. ClO2 is used to treat approximately 30% of U.S. drinking water. It forms no hazardous disinfection byproducts and is not persistent in the environment. Also, by removing H2S from the surface waste water, ClO2 eliminates the offensive odors and dangerous fumes associated with H2S.

    The H2prO HD well chemical service includes pre- and post-water testing to ensure conformance to your water quality standards.

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