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TRETOLITE SNAP Fluids Separation Technologies

Dry oil. Clean water. No compromises.

Quality oil and water separation is critical to the success of your business, but tends to come with undesired costs and operational challenges, such as equipment fouling and excess slop oil generation during SAGD production or water quality issues related to discharge from offshore platforms and other facilities.

With BHGE TRETOLITE™ SNAP fluids separation technologies, you don’t have to compromise. Let us help you get the oil and water quality you need while optimizing operations and lowering costs—without limiting production. Our TRETOLITE SNAP water clarifiers and demulsifiers help you:

  • Improve operations by decreasing operational upsets
  • Cut costs by minimizing slop production
  • Improve profitability by achieving better performance without an increase in operating costs

TRETOLITE SNAP technology solutions are backed by 100 years of knowledge and expertise. From the beginning, we partner with you to understand your specific challenges to develop the right solution that will add value to your operations.

Contact us to learn how you can get better fluids separation performance without compromising profitability.

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