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TRETOLITE CLEAR Demulsifier Chemistry Technology

TRETOLITE CLEAR Demulsifier Chemistry Technology

Increase performance in demulsifier chemistry

  • A clear choice for reduced oil-in-water content and improved water quality.

    This innovative, step-change performance in demulsifier chemistry technology clarifies and simplifies your choice for cleaner, oil-free water. 

    TRETOLITE™ CLEAR demulsifiers, the latest game-changing technology from Baker Hughes, a GE company (BHGE), is an industry milestone that improves resulting separated water quality.

    • Improves economics
      • Eliminates clarifier applications
      • Decreases treating temperatures
      • Accesses entrained oil
      • Reduces infrastructure
    • Reduces oil-in-water content by 70 to 80%
      • Ability to reuse water for fracturing
      • Reduces freshwater consumption
    • Reduces dosage rates by 70 to 80%
      • Operates in all crudes
      • Performs in unconventional and EOR wells and offshore wells

    This sweeping change in chemistry and application is available to Canadian customers with oil-in-water challenges. Application and performance is viable in all crudes – light, medium, and heavy – and in unconventional and conventional enhanced oil recovery (EOR) wells and offshore wells.

    Your choice is CLEAR – TRETOLITE CLEAR is step-change performance in demulsifier chemistry technology.

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