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RESTORE Wellbore Remediation Program

RESTORE Wellbore Remediation Program


Restore well productivity, injectivity, and profitability

  • Deposits and wettability changes in the reservoir can lead to production declines far greater than expected. BHGE RESTORE™ wellbore remediation program treatments remove deposits and restore flow in the near wellbore area.

    Return wells to original and natural productive capacity

    The RESTORE program returns wells closer to their original and natural productive capacity. Paraffin and asphaltene sludge, inorganic scale, water blockage, and wettability can cause skin damage in the near wellbore area. These problems are removed within hours of applying a RESTORE treatment.

    Our RESTORE program could be your best solution for

    • reversing unnatural decline curve trends
    • maximizing oil and gas production
    • improving injection operations
    • optimizing return on asset investment
    • reducing lifting costs.

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