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F.O.A.M. Gas Well Deliquification

F.O.A.M. Gas Well Deliquification

Production-boosting gas well deliquification products

BHGE F.O.A.M.™ technology safely and economically rejuvenates older gas wells by removing liquids from the wellbore, allowing higher gas production. We tailor treatments to match your production challenges, including high temperatures and high condensate loadings.

Optimize production and chemical programs with comprehensive services

  • Our comprehensive gas well deliquification services restore gas production from aging reservoirs. Our F.O.A.M. technology products and services remove liquids from the well. This increases production and eliminates slugging.

    We offer more than just foamer products. We also deliver comprehensive services to optimize your production and chemical programs. From modeling and lab testing to field trials and full implementation, we have cost-effective programs that boost production and profit.

    Our foamer line includes multifunctional products that can simultaneously address many other production problems including

    • scale, corrosion, and paraffins
    • high temperature and aggressive environments
    • high condensate loading situations.

    Onshore or offshore, you can count on F.O.A.M. technology for cost-effective programs that are right for your field.

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