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Chemical Solutions for Near-Wellbore Damage

Chemical Solutions for Near-Wellbore Damage

Remove near-wellbore damage and improve well productivity

  • Paraffin, asphaltenes, scale, and emulsion blocks in the near-wellbore area restrict flow from the formation, causing several production challenges such as unexpected decline curves, increased lifting costs, and even lower performance in injection operations.  

    BHGE chemicals for near-wellbore damage (CND) are designed to remove near-wellbore deposits to help you:

    • Enhance production rates
    • Decrease operating costs
    • Increase time between remediation treatments
    • Extend production lifetime and efficiency

    CND treatment solutions can help remove years of damage within hours of application, delivering a no-CAPEX, positive return on investment to meet your budget and productivity needs.

    Three new products were recently added to the CND portfolio that help remediate multiple damage mechanisms in a single treatment. These multifunctional microemulsion technologies are specifically designed to provide production stimulation in wells damaged by a combination of factors, including paraffin, asphaltenes, emulsion blocks, fines migration, and wettability alteration. These products can also be combined with acids to dissolve scale buildup and remove organic deposits in one step.

    Contact your Baker Hughes representative to learn how BHGE CND solutions can effectively and efficiently remove near-wellbore damage and improve your well productivity.

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