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PETROSWEET H2S Scavenger Solutions

PETROSWEET H2S Scavenger Solutions

Reduce worker, equipment risks with sulfide management solutions

  • Preventing souring and/or cost-effectively managing sour systems can go a long way toward relieving serious operator headaches. The presence of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and its corrosion byproduct iron sulfide (FeS) greatly increase operational risk. Our H2S and sulfide control solutions are tailored to fit an operator’s needs and effectively manage sulfide-related risks.

    Prevent system and reservoir souring

    H2S and its corrosion byproducts pose a serious risk to oilfield production. It is also a real threat to the health and safety of our workers, communities, and environment. H2S can be naturally present in the reservoir or arise as a result of microbial contamination in production systems. Our suite of new H2S scavengers that can offer a more cost-effective scavenging technology for a broad range of applications. Our scavengers cover applications ranging from the very competitive wet-gas sweetening market with winterized and scale inhibited triazines to nontriazine-based scavengers which do not create the intractable solids and mineral scales that triazines form.

    These scavengers can treat dry gas, dry oil, water or multiphase mixed production fluids.

    Preventing system souring and mitigating corrosion and the effects of corrosion byproducts in sour production conditions requires expertise. It also demands the right products and superior service.

    Our H2S and sulfide control solutions can help mitigate reservoir and system souring and help you deal with sour production:

    • PETROSWEET™ H2S scavengers for H2S removal and system sweetening

    • Microbial control programs including bacteria monitoring and X-CIDE biocides

    • Sour-service corrosion inhibitors

    • MAGNATREAT™ M sulfide scavenger for H2S and iron sulfide removal

    • Reservoir souring control additives

    When iron sulfide is your issue, turn to us for advanced, comprehensive iron sulfide control services.

    Advantages of our H2S and sulfide control solutions include:

    • reduce operational risk

    • lower your HSE risks

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