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Mineral Scale Control

Mineral Scale Control

Ensure continuous production and lower maintenance costs

  • Mineral scale deposition is a major flow assurance problem for oil and gas operators. Two of the most common types of scales found in the oilfield are calcium carbonate, which is primarily caused by depressurization, and barium sulfate, which is primarily caused by incompatibility between the formation fluids and the injection water. But there are other types of scale – all of which can impede flow and impact performance of operational equipment, if not properly treated.

    Scale creates headaches for operators who, many times, must shut down production to remediate scale deposition through costly removal and repairs to equipment, such as electrical submersible pumps. In the process, they lose valuable production revenue.

    BHGE FORSA™ mineral scale control services cost-effectively prevent and control scale buildup, enhancing flow assurance for production systems. Our chemical solutions help you meet any scale challenge, including tough barite, silicate, and iron-sulfide scales. Our experts offer a comprehensive and interactive approach to mineral scale control:

    • Analysis of the entire water system
    • Computer modeling to predict potential issues
    • Identification and delivery of the best fit-for-purpose solutions
    • Service follow-up and maintenance program recommendations
    • Local, regional, and international service and technical support

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