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  • BHGE combination products offer an efficient and convenient alternative to single application products. The majority of our combination product offerings are scale and corrosion inhibitors but other combinations are available, including:

    • Foamers
    • Paraffin / asphaltene inhibitors
    • Iron sulfide dissolver / dispersants

    Common production problems include plugged lines, corrosion-induced leaks, and blockages. These problems can be generated from a variety of sources, including asphaltenes, hydrates, paraffin, and scale. All of these undesired conditions can lead to costly situations including production loss, system downtime, equipment repairs, and more.

    Be proactive

    Our flow assurance combination products help you proactively mitigate these risks before they become major problems. From greenfield development projects to mature field operations, we help you address flow challenges throughout the production lifecycle to avoid startup delays and well shut-ins, thereby increasing the profitability of your producing assets.

    Our combinations are specially designed for systems where a multipurpose product is needed. We have available high flash point and/or winterized combination products to deal with special situations and our treatments can be applied with a single chemical injector.

    Leverage our knowledge

    Our experts properly diagnose potential risks, implement the right treatment, and continue to optimize performance to keep your production flowing—safely and efficiently. In addition, our experts can help you apply treatments in any environment both onshore and offshore, and in either conventional or unconventional field developments.

    Our combination products help:

      • Protect equipment and maximize production
      • Keep production flowing
      • Prevent natural gas pipeline plugs

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